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Revised Graphic 2022-2023 school calendar Spring Break change 5_2022

To align with surrounding school districts and to maintain past practice of having six-week gaps between winter, mid-winter, and spring breaks, Renton School District has revised our calendar for next school year to move Spring Break one week ahead.

Spring Break for the 2022-23 school year is April 10-14 (it was previously planned for the prior week). If you print school calendars for use at home or work, please remember to change that calendar with this revised version.

Pencil and test sheet

NNAT3 testing for all 2nd Graders

As part of the universal screening process for the Renton School District Highly Capable Program, all 2nd graders will take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, 3rd Edition (NNAT3) in January 2022.

This test measures students’ nonverbal reasoning skills and is administered to students by their teacher during class time. The NNAT3 takes approximately 30 minutes to complete using a district device.

As a district, we use the NNAT3 as one measure to help identify students that would benefit from Highly Capable services. No one assessment score guarantees a student will or will not be identified. You can learn more about Highly Capable identification and service models by going to our Renton School District Highly Capable Program webpage. 

NNAT3 Family Letter English NNAT3 Family Letter Spanish NNAT3 Family Letter Vietnamese NNAT3 Family Letter Russian NNAT3 Family Letter Ukranian NNAT3 Family Letter Chinese